Now you too can have your tracks mixed by Carlos Fuchs at Arda Recorders, and have your choice between Studio A, B or the Mix Room.

Studio A has a wonderful Neve 8068 from the late 70s, with 31102, 1066 and 1073 equalizers. In addition to this beautiful console, this studio has an echo chamber, EMT140 Plate, AKG BX20 Spring Reverb, Bricasti M7, UTA Unfairchild , and many other wonders from the audio world.

Inside studio B is the phenomenal Neve 5088 that made part of the history of Tenda da Raposa, where hundreds of beautifully crafted albums were recorded and mixed in Brazil. A credenza full of treats like Eventide Eclipse, Tree Audio Branch, Manley VoxBox, dbx165A, among many others, are also a feature in this studio.

If you are looking for a hybrid approach, using the best of digital and analog, you can choose the Mix Room, where a profusion of analog equipment is available to process your mix, the sum of which being made in a Shadow Hills Equinox.

In any of these studios, Fuchs has its mobile rack to insert into the mix bus, guaranteeing his signature sound.

You can get to know the studios better by visiting Arda Recorders.

Of course, the whole process can be followed via Skype or any other audiovisual connection platform.

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