2020 / Tenda da Raposa

Imagine a monumental artistic installation, located in the skeleton of an abandoned building, in which the wind freely roams amongst it’s ribs, bare iron and concrete bones, a myriad of dancing lights and a musical piece to stitch them all together, forming the tissue of muscles, nerves and skin, that creates a complete being.

This was the proposal for the creation of the ‘Suite dos Ventos’ (The Wind’s Suite), the theme which anchors this album. Although for financial reasons the installation project was not completed, the music however was, and what was supposed to be a solo piano piece, became a work for piano, clarinet (Rui Alvim) and string orchestra (Saint Petersburg Studio Orchestra).

Other compositions joined this effort, each with a different formation, such as string quartet, various woodwind and brass instruments, duos or just solo piano.

“Os Ventos” is a timeless tour on Fuchs' musical imagery, once again showing his cinematographic paths, as was also clear in “Caderno Roubado”, album released in late 2019, together with the group “Água de Moringa”.

With guests such as  Rui Alvim, Edu Neves, Everson Moraes, Aquiles Moraes, Thiago Osório, Gilson Peranzzetta, Ricardo Amado, Hugo Pilger, Andreia Carizzi, Marco Catto and the aforementioned orchestral body, the compositions decorated by the most vivid colors and fabrics, present an original path that intrigues, thrills and surprises the listener.


2020 / Tenda da Raposa

Fuchs' cinematographic compositions, bloom from a formation originally conceived for choro music, bringing us surprising elements, sometimes lyrical, sometimes vigorous, but always engaging. Waltzes, choros, and other forms that can be difficult to define, go hand in hand with winding melodies and unexpected harmonies. Music to enjoy.

 By combining Fuchs' piano with the unique sound of the Água de Moringa Group, a fusion of two worlds is sought, which despite being disparate, unify in an abundant symmetry and coherence. You could say that the sensation is that they were always meant to be together, the guitars, cavaquinho, mandolin, clarinet, percussion and the piano.

 The arrangements by Marcílio Lopes, Jayme Vignoli, Luiz Flavio Alcofra, Josimar Carneiro and Carlos Fuchs translate the core of the musical ideas, originally composed for piano, adding value to the mysteries and depths of the music. The musicians of Água de Moringa, each of which is a master of their instrument, combine with Fuchs’ piano to creating the cauldron of sound evoking the drama of the piece, leaving the listener with a palate of audio stimuli that will remain with them eternally.




2007 / Tenda da Raposa

Fossa Nova was recorded in 1997 during that year’s carnival, although it was only released in 2006, almost as a reproach to Momo's reign (The symbolic king to the city during those 4 days). A petard against the dictatorship of joy. In this album, almost always at a slow pace, the poetry of Marcos Sacramento is dressed in the melodies of Fuchs, who also provides the arrangements and pianos. A record to listen to very calmly.



1998 / Independente

“Na Minha Cara” was an ambitious production with a focus on composers as yet unrecognized at the time. The album starts  with O Dono da Bola, the first ever recording of a song by Rodrigo Maranhão. With a team of superstars like Paulo Brandão, Rodrigo Campello and Sidon Silva, at it’s release in 1998 ‘Na Minha Cara’ was considered by a Spanish magazine as one of the 50 best Brazilian albums of all time!

Rita Peixoto e Carlos Fuchs

1993 / Independente

Released in 1993, the first album by the duo Rita Peixoto & Carlos Fuchs is an emotional promenade through songs by renowned masters such as Guinga, Paulo Cesar Pinheiro, Chico Buarque, Paulinho da Viola and Cartola, as well as new talents like Luis Capucho. The piano and voice, almost always reigning, are sparsely accompanied by elements that bring new colors to the arrangements.

@ 2020 Carlos Fuchs